Sunday, 6 September 2009

New Start

After almost 30 years working in the family business, I have eventually left, well thrown out. A very sad and heartbreaking time.

But have now started my own business, perhaps some may say a little late in life, but hey, what the heck, the aforementioned new business is giraffepress.

We are offering a vast range of services, from the normal business stationery items, Letterheads, Business Cards, NCR Sets & Pads, through to POS material.

And yes, we will be "sticking our neck out further for you"



  1. Many congratulations Jason, I know Giraffe Press will be a huge success, you will look back and see that being 'thrown out' of your family business was in fact one of the best things that happened in your life as it has freed you up to run your own business YOUR WAY.

    I will of course be having all my print done by you.



  2. Congratulations and well done Jason. Perseverance requires courage and faith and it looks like you've got some of both. I really wish you well.
    I do have some work I would like to pass your way and so will be in touch shortly. Also it will be quite nice to exchange links with you and perhaps we could do some stuff together? I don't offer sandwich boards or t shirts but I do get people asking for such a service. I have quite a large customer base you could leverage.
    Anything I can do to help... just let me know.



  3. Go for it Jason.

    Good Luck.

    Mike B

  4. Jason, I know the feeling, I've been through similar, I wish you the very best of luck and as I have said before I'll be in touch for some printing as soon as the need arises.

    Good luck mate!

    Andy Carr